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    Summer Art Journal

    Hello everyone! I want to share with you my new summer art journal spread. With lots of blues and texture comming from all kind of scraps that a non crafter would have thrown already. As always you can find video with the process. Don`t forget to create for yourself and enjoy the process. Hugs, Martina. Здравейте! Днес ще споделя с вас моята арт журнал страничка. С преобладаващо синьо и текстура идваща от най-различни елементи, които човек който не е крафтър би изхвърлил досега. Както винаги можете да намерите видео с процеса. Не забравяйте да създавате за себе си да се наслаждавате на процеса. Прегръщам ви, Мартина.

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    I was recently asked to imagine what if Disney princesses were villainous?And for me, Belle, the princess of Beauty and the Beast, would be an exact evil witch.Judge for yourself – the daughter of the inventor, very well-read, on friendly terms with animals and magical creatures!Or perhaps she herself bewitched the prince to improve his character?)As a result of my thoughts, I got such a tag, with a beautiful villain) https://youtu.be/Gq7xdN6NQaY Used products: https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/gesso/finnabair/finnabair-gesso-transparent https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/gel-medium/finnabair/finnabair-3d-matte-gel-transparent https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/pinsel/finnabair-texture-brush-set-3-teilig https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/pinsel/finnabair-silikon-pinsel-gross https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/pinsel/finnabair-brush-set-7teilig https://www.creartive-corner.de/chipboards/nach-thema/dekoelement/wycinanka-chipboard-schmetterlingsornamente https://www.creartive-corner.de/papier/13atrts/paper-pad/13atrts-victoriana-scrapbooking-paper-pad https://www.creartive-corner.de/embellishments/glitzer/finnabair-metallic-micro-beads https://www.creartive-corner.de/schablonen/finnabair/finnabair-schablone-tapestry https://www.creartive-corner.de/stempel/stempel-zubehoer/ranger-mini-ink-blending-tool https://www.creartive-corner.de/stempel/stempel-zubehoer/ranger-mini-ink-blending-foam https://www.creartive-corner.de/stempel/stempelkissen/basic/ranger-stempelkissen-jet-black https://www.creartive-corner.de/abformen/moulds/prima-marketing-finnabair/prima-re.design-mould-elisian-clockworks https://www.creartive-corner.de/embossen/embossingpulver/lindy-s-embossing-pulver/lindy-s-embossing-pulver-set-you-rock Here a little gallery

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    Altered Bottle by Martina

    Hello everyone! It`s time for my second inspiration for Creartive Corner this month. I hate throwing glass bottles (especially small ones) and I always try to give them new life. They can be used in so many ways.  After I alter them, I use them in my home like vases or simply decor. Give them a try, you can have beautiful results and fast satisfaction. Здравейте! Време е за второти ми вдъхновение за Creartive Corner този месец. Не обичам да изхвърлям стъклени бутилки (особено малките) и винаги се опитвам да им вдъхна нов живот. Те могат да се използват по толкова много начини. След като ги изменя, ги използвам вкъщи като вази или просто…

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    Siren Song

    Once they were sea nymphs, daughters of the river god Aheloy and the nymph Calliope. Ceres turned them into half-birds, half-women.Because of their voices and musical talents, the vanity and pride of the sirens were so great that they once called Muses to compete in music.The Muses won and punished the sirens by plucking all the feathers from their wings. Ashamed of their appearance, these half-female half-birds left the springs and valleys where they lived and hid among the steep coastal cliffs of southern Italy.Later, they acquired the tail of a mermaid and became residents of the underwater depths.With their beautiful, seductive voices, they drew the sailors to their death…

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    Steampunk ATC`s by Martina

    Hello everyone! My first project for July are these steampunk ATC`s. I have made lots of ATC`s in the past, but never in the steampunk style. And this style it`s starting to grow on me, more and more. I really hope you`ll like them! As always, you can watch my video tutorial either on my channel or Creartive Corner channel. Thank you for being here. Have a great day and endless inspiration! Здравейте! Първият ми проект за Юли са тези стиймпънк АТС-та. Направила съм доста АТС картички досега, но никога в стиймпънк стил. И трябва да призная, че този стил все повече и повече ми харесва. Наистина се надявам да…

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    Main Generator: SEA

      Hello everyone! My second inspiration for you this month is a beach themed canvas. I`m a sea child and naurally I`m always inspired by the sea. Also, I found this awesome moodboard on Pinterest with cobalt blue and rust colors which helped me to make the final desicion and go for it. As always you can watch my video tutorial and share your thoughts.  Have a nice day! Hugs, Martina.   Здравейте! Втората порция вдъхновение за вас този месец е морско пано. Тъй като съм морско чедо, естествено винаги съм вдъхновена от морето. Освен това, намерих страхотна дъска в Pinterest с кобалтово синьо и ръждиво, която помогна за финалното…

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    Memory Keepers

    I still keep my first Barbie doll! And the bear that my mother bought me when I was quite a baby is also stored in my closet.Such things are filled with special energy, right? This is a reminder of the brightest times.Today I want to create a horse with you, which will also now be the guardian of my memories. https://youtu.be/H3pMrcBXIRk Used products: https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/gesso/finnabair/finnabair-gesso-transparent https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/gel-medium/finnabair/finnabair-3d-matte-gel-transparent https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/pasten/finnabair/finnabair-white-crackle-paste https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/pinsel/finnabair-dabbing-brush-set-3-teilig https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/pinsel/finnabair-brush-set-7teilig https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/pinsel/finnabair-dabbing-brush-gross https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/wachse/finnabair/metallique/finnabair-metallique-wax-vintage-gold https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/wachse/pentart/pentart-metallic-wax-paste-gold https://www.creartive-corner.de/chipboards/nach-thema/steampunk/wycinanka-chipboard-steampunk-dekor https://www.creartive-corner.de/farben/finnabair/impasto-paint/finnabair-impasto-paint-linen https://www.creartive-corner.de/embellishments/art-stones-art-pebbles/finnabair-mini-art-stones https://www.creartive-corner.de/embellishments/art-stones-art-pebbles/pentart-art-stones-3d-balls Here a little gallery

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    Retro style by Martina

    Hello everyone! Today I`ll share with you how to create these quick and esy little circles.  I often look for different ways to use the materials that I have. This time I wanted to make something with modeling clay. I have used it before as a base and then stamped on top. This time though I wanted to use stencils and I gathered some of my favorite ones. You`re welcome to see my video tutorial. Здравейте! Днес ще споделя с вас тези бързи и лесни за създаване кръгове. Обичам да търся различни начини за изолзване на материалите, които имам. Този път исках да използвам моделиращата глина, която използвам. Използвала съм…

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    Dream Create Love

    In every woman, no matter how old she is, lives young and romantic girl.  And that sweet girl believes in love, in the fact that good conquers evil and that something very good awaits ahead.  My page today is about us – strict, serious, businesswomen, mothers, girls, in a word about us, – who are so different and at the same time elusively similar. https://youtu.be/o0G4vPXmvmA Supplies https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/gesso/finnabair/finnabair-gesso-transparent https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/gesso/finnabair/finnabair-heavy-gesso-schwarz https://www.creartive-corner.de/basics/pasten/finnabair/finnabair-white-crackle-paste https://www.creartive-corner.de/farben/finnabair/impasto-paint/finnabair-impasto-paint-linen https://www.creartive-corner.de/farben/finnabair/impasto-paint/finnabair-impasto-paint-boudoir-pink https://www.creartive-corner.de/chipboards/nach-thema/dekoelement/wycinanka-chipboard-schmetterlingsornamente  https://www.creartive-corner.de/chipboards/nach-thema/natur/wycinanka-chipboard-feingliedrige-zweige https://www.creartive-corner.de/chipboards/nach-thema/rahmen/wycinanka-chipboard-rahmen-7 https://www.creartive-corner.de/stempel/finnabair/finnabair-stempel-gothic-book https://www.creartive-corner.de/papier/mintay-papers/paper-pad/mintay-papers-dear-diary-scrapbooking-paper-pad https://www.creartive-corner.de/papier/artistiko/paper-pad/artistiko-vintage-meadow-scrapbooking-paper-pad https://www.creartive-corner.de/papier/artistiko/einzelpapier/artistiko-vintage-meadow-einzelpapier-02 https://www.creartive-corner.de/schablonen/finnabair/finnabair-schablone-floral-net https://www.creartive-corner.de/abformen/moulds/art-prosvet/art-prosvet-mould-fenster-mit-fensterlaeden https://www.creartive-corner.de/abformen/moulds/prima-marketing-finnabair/prima-re.design-mould-leafy-blossoms https://www.creartive-corner.de/abformen/moulds/prima-marketing-finnabair/prima-re.design-mould-elisian-clockworks   Here a little gallery

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    Firebird & Nature by Martina Stoycheva

    Hello everyone! My inspiration for you this time are these two tags which were inspired by art journal I made recently. I used dry flowers which I make as I put them between the pages of thick book and pile few more books on top or something heavy. It’s pretty easy and ususally they`re ready in couple of days if the flowers are not too thick. You can do it with any flowers or leaves. I love to use them in mixed media projects or albums and they are natutal elements, so even better. You can always use die cut elements as well, but in my opinion the result is…